Can’t-Miss Predictions About The Future of Big Data

  • Can’t-Miss Predictions About The Future of Big Data

    Big data – Whether you call this term data analytics or business intelligence, it doesn’t really matter that much. What actually matters is that we can now gather and analyze huge data in smart ways that wasn’t possible a few years ago. Big data has already started playing and transforming most areas of business, industry, and most other parts of digital marketing. Many companies throughout the world are using big data to better understand their customers. Most importantly, Big data has already stepped into the field healthcare to find treatments for life threatening diseases like cancer. Now, it is moving towards other domains to revolutionize them with its features.

    At present, almost everyone can agree that big data has taken the whole world by gale, but what next? Will big data continue to grow? What new things will develop around it? Let’s look at some of the predictions:

    Analyzing data will take a turn

    According to Ovum, an independent and consultancy firm, SQL which is used to communicate with database is still the standard, spark – fast and general engine for data processing is emerging as a complementary tool for data analysis and will continue to grow.

    Tools that will emerge for data analysis >

    Recently, both Microsoft MSFT and Salesforce (An American Cloud computing company) announced features that will allow non-programmers create applications to view business data.

    Business analytics software >

    IDC, An American Market Research Company, predicts that most of the business analytics software will include the intelligence by the end of 2020.

    New Technologies >

    When we talk about the new data storage technologies, Hadoop, Apache Pig, Hive, and Map reduce come first. These technologies are driving global change in the whole world. With the help of Hadoop, businesses can do analytics with very fine granularity and make every customer feel special. Complex branching logics which has a lots of nested conditions if, else – is easier and quicker to implement in Map reduce. On the other hand Apache Pig is good weapon that can be used to handle structured data.

    Real Time Decisions

    According to Forrester, Market Research Company, online users will be able to use data to make their decisions in real time with the help of Spark.

    Machine Learning Trend >

    According to top giant firms, Gartner and Ovum, machine learning will be mandatory element for data preparation and business analysis in the near future.

    Privacy Issues >

    In the near future, as the growth of big data takes heights, privacy will be a big concern for many companies. It is predicted that by 2018, 50% of business ethics will be related to data violations.

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