The Most Important Things That I’ve Learned About Leadership

  • The Most Important Things That I’ve Learned about Leadership

    "Can leadership really be learned? In my experience, the answer is surely YES. – "if our actions inspire people to aspire more, learn more, do more and become an exceptional performer YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER." Leadership is something we have to work on. Here in this blog I have mentioned some important things that I found invaluable in my journey as an entrepreneur and a leader," ~ by Varun Patel (CEO ROW).

    Strive To Inspire

    When everything gets onerous, your team needs to feel that everything is going to be ok. They certainly look to their leaders for both impetus and encouragement. Leaders need to show positivity, while keeping the organization focused by combating weakness, mediocrity, and more. Try to be bold and trust your talent and instincts. People will definitely line up behind you.

    Strong Decision Maker

    Believe it or not - but a reality for any leader is that employees, CTOs, CIOs, Mangers, VPs need decisions from him or her, and if he or she can’t make them quickly, definitely organization is going to suffer. One wrong decision can either make or break your game. So don’t struggle, over analyze or predict yourself. I learned gut instincts, deep knowledge,and information are critically important when attempting to make careful decisions.

    Improve your Empathetic Prowess

    Entrepreneurs or Leaders are generally surrounded by people (ranging from employee to customers) who they need to understand. When a leader is in tune with the requirements of these people, the business will be strengthened. When a leader is able to see things as the other person does, he or she much likelier to come up with the best solutions. Having empathy is important to leaders.

    Learn as much as you can

    American Politician (35th President of USA) - John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Apart from Business, reading different subjects that are outside of your experience brings creativity and amazing ideas that are vital to leadership. You must read books every day, because it simply makes your mind sharper. Try to gravitate yourself towards novels, stories, science fiction.

    Action with Vision

    Action with vision can change the whole world. Remember: Both are incomplete without each other. Every successful journey needs a little bit of planning and effort. Your vision will guide you throughout your planning and help you see when your action is taking you off course. Leadership is all about results. Make sure you have a plan, and ensure you are constantly moving the ball towards the goal.

    A leader can be introvert, extrovert, funny or serious. Never waste time trying to be someone that you’re not, because it’s a way for failure. Be who you are.